5 Quick Fixes for Your Branding

Last week I wrote on Entrepreneur.com about writing a great Brand Positioning statement. I thought I would expand on that with these 5 quick fixes for your overall brand:

1. Make Your Brand Position Prominent

So you read last week's article and you finally have your one-liner that describes what you do. Great! Now put it on your website, somewhere prominent! Consider putting it on your business cards as well. Make it the about or bio section of all of your social media profiles. If you have a catchy slogan that'd you rather have front and center, that can work, but within the first sentence of copy that the viewer reads past your slogan, your position statement needs to be clear. You get a few seconds to get this right. Fix it now!

Action Item: Polish your brand statement if you haven't already. Then copy it, and go to all of the places I mentioned above and paste it right at the beginning.

2. Show Your Personality Everywhere

If you are a solopreneur or you have a personal brand, you need your face on your homepage. This seems like a no-brainer to me but SO many fail to do this. If you are a fun person, your website should show that. If your business is as straight-laced as they come, avoid a website with bells and whistles and clever copy. You want your site to match what it is like to meet you or your team in person. Do they match?

Action Item: Check right now on each page and see what you can add or remove. Chances are you probably need to take new headshots or staff photos and put them on the site.

3. Make Brand Imagery Consistent

If your logo and website uses illustrations, yet your social media images contain real life photos, it will feel off.If your social media headshot images are serious, and your website header has you laughing holding a balloon, it will feel off. The same goes for colors, logos, and headers across social platforms. Don't lose consistency for the sake of cuteness/cleverness/trends/whatever! Consistency is key in memorability. And memorability increases your chances of getting hired!

Action Item: Check the colors, logos, and headers across social platforms, printed materials, and your website.

4. Write for Your Target

Remember how you tailored your brand position to fit a specific, ideal client? Don't forget about them when it comes to writing blog posts, posting social images, and your overall brand copy writing.

Action item: Go through your copy on your website, social sites, and marketing materials. Ask, how can I make all of this more specific and more appealing to my targeted client avatar? Then revise. Repeat again, because I'm pretty sure you played it safe the first time around. 

5. Schedule Updates

Like I said in my Quick Pep Talk this morning, your brand position is fluid and ever-changing, because people change. Your images, copy, and position may need to change as well. Not drastically, of course, but you may tweak your services or swap out some keywords. You may decide you've hired more fun staff members and your site is too plain. If you haven't touched your profiles and about copy in months, it's probably time to check them.

Action Item: Put alerts on your calendar every 3-6 months to re-evaluate your site's homepage, about copy, and imagery.

Which of these have you tried? What made the biggest impact? 

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