About The Rebrand


I took over a month off from publishing content in order to reorganize this site in all its new, muddy glory. Why? I'm glad you asked, because it's a lesson in personal branding that I've learned from my amazing guests.

  1. Differentiation - Guys, we all do it. When people applied for the new reality show and I asked them what makes them different they all said basically the same thing! Passion, drive, determination, bla bla same same. I realized that I was in the same boat, if someone went to my YouTube channel or website, there wasn't much to set me apart from other great interview shows. Now the channel will show much more of my story and the ins and outs of my hustle (as a mom and wife in suburbia bootstrapping this whole shebang.)
  2. Positioning - I want to entertain. I want to book musical guests and sing with them. I want to book comedians and do sketches together. Sitting and interviewing is a job I love and a skill I will always keep working on, but that alone is not going to get me where I want to go. So, the new content will showcase my other skills to start positioning me as not only an influencer in the entrepreneurship space, but a legit entertainer as well. Plus, back to point number one, singing and acting and producing elaborate, epic content on a tight budget - these are things set me and my content apart from other shows and hosts.
  3. Batching - Taking over a month off from publishing allowed me to produce a lot of content in batches, setting us up for a new schedule with much more content each week. I believe what Gary Vee has been posting lately - quantity is the name of the game right now.
  4. Messaging - One of the things I've always been super passionate about is that entrepreneurship and personal development content is often heavy, overwhelming, daunting and serious. That's why I try to keep things fun! But lately, I also believe the reality of entrepreneurship is often sugar-coated (I'm looking at you, free webinars!) Pursuing a dream is not easy, it's gritty. Hence the trenches concept. I want us to start opening up about this, getting support and encouragement, and cheering each other on, which brings me to...
  5. Community - With the reality show, the new hashtag #mypursuit, and the Q&A videos, I'm giving all the hustlers who love watching and reading my work a chance to be heard, to share their stories, and to even directly ask me questions if they want. This is again, to point #1, something no one else is really doing.


Meet the amazing hustlers, also trying to build a dream, who brought my rebrand video vision to life! These are my people - our people - so check out the awesome dreams they're pursuing and give them a follow on social media.

Rachel Flint, Fitness Entrepreneur

Dave Burlin, Speaker & Consultant

Shonda Spencer, Health Entrepreneur

Brianna Chamberlain, Musician & Entrepreneur

Amber O'Toole, Real Estate Entrepreneur

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Gates Dowd


Jonathan Hefflin


Andrew Barker