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Alicia Shaffer

Alicia Shaffer | Etsy Entrepreneur, Three Bird Nest

How to Become An Etsy Success

Alicia Shaffer is the woman behind Three Bird Nest. After just 3 years in business her bohemian apparel and accessories brand has become the second bestselling handmade products shop on Etsy, earning more than 86,000 sales. Learn how she did it, her advice for others, and my key takeaways from our interview. For more information, visit ThreeBirdNest.com.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to make yourself stand out on Etsy (7:29)
  • How to deal with copycats (16:50)
  • How to form connection with customers, especially in the beginning (20:50)
  • Why it's smart to have a website in addition to Etsy (26:15)
  • Alicia's response to accusations of her products not being 100 percent handmade (27:52)
  • How do get partnerships and press on blogs (33:22)


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