Oh hey. I'm back. I'm also pregnant. Yup. Remember this 'new year' post about how I wasn't ready and how would I do it all and be preggo with no full time employees and ya da ya? Well, I am about to find out! Even though my hubs and I were thinking somewhere in 2014, God is the Master Planner. I am already through my first trimester which meant the fatigue and sickness was mostly around the holidays, the slowest time of year. Plus, my due date is early august, which means I'll be adjusting to working as a new mom as we head into fall/winter when things slow down again.

Now that I'm back in the saddle after being on the couch for 12 weeks, I am itching to go. I also regret letting things get so stagnant during that time. Lever didn't enter any Addys and I won't be going to the Addys Gala. I probably should have entered a few things but that would have required getting off of said couch. Plus, there was a LOT of self-doubt about the Addys because this would be Lever's first splash in the OKC creative world and I wanted it to be the right splash. I'm not sure the work or the lever brand is really ready yet, so maybe it was the right call after all.

Along with the Addys, I had put some other biz plans on hold because of a bunch of lame excuses which my husband lovingly told me was crap, and that just because I'm preggo doesn't mean I have to slow down on my dreams. So first, we're going to redo Lever's website. Next, I have a few feelers out on new, smaller projects that will build Lever's portfolio so that I can land some more clients and hopefully get that first full-time hire. It will also be an exciting year because Lever is venturing into broadcast and radio which will be oh so fun!

If you are a lovely lady, let this be a lesson to you, don't freak out and go awol because you get pregnant like I did. You'll hit week 13 and get a burst of energy and think why did I let myself do that? Of course, it can be a very sickly time for a lot of women so don't kill yourself either, but like my hard core DR said, "fight the fatigue, don't give in to it."

Stay tuned for more from me navigating even newer new waters. Thanks everyone for the love and support online when we announced Baby H on the way.

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