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Barbara Corcoran

How to Achieve Success Over and Over Again

If you think sitting down with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank might be the most fun thing ever, I can now tell you, you are correct! This interview has a lot of insights that build off of her other interviews, because she's been covered in the media so many times, I didn't want to give you all the same answers you've already heard. That said, if you haven't seen many of her articles or interviews, I have linked some great ones for you in the show notes below.  If you enjoy this interview, please be sure and let Barbara know on Twitter!

Barbara Corcoran is one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, bestselling author of Shark Tales, with an estimated worth of $40 Million and a starring role in the ABC hit series "Shark Tank." After earning straight D’s in high school and college, and trying many jobs in her early twenties, she found her calling in real estate. Over her career she turned a $1000 dollar loan into a six billion dollar business. Now she is an international star, loved by viewers and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere for her for the warm, yet candid advice “in the tank.” For more information about Barbara, visit BarbaraCorcoran.com

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Tips for finding the right people to hire (5:56)
  • Tips for mastering sales as an entrepreneur (7:40)
  • Advice for creative entrepreneurs who aren't great at processes (11:14)
  • How to get on Shark Tank (19:07)
  • Advice for women entrepreneurs who make more money than their husbands (22:47)
  • Barbara's number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs just getting started (33:46)


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