Calling All Creative Leaderpreneurs!

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It’s that time! I need my peeps, creative leaderpreneur types,  to help me finish my book. I want feedback, discussion and hard questions. So, who exactly are my peeps? Who is a creative leaderpreneur?  Let me break it down in a bulleted list, since everyone loves bulleted lists!

  • You have a deep longing for a better career/business/life but you’re not sure where to start
  • You dream about creating something; building your own business, writing a book, launching a product, a dream project, etc.
  • You are full of dreams but can’t decide which to pursue
  • You are full of passion for a specific dream but need directions to get started
  • You know what you want but you don’t think you’re ready
  • You’re an idea machine but so far that’s all it’s been, just ideas
  • You have tried 500 things already and nothing has “stuck”
  • You really want a promotion but aren’t sure how to make it happen in todays marketplace
  • You long to be a leader and influence others but aren’t sure how to get there

There it is. You may think, well, that sort of seems like everyone, Kelsey. Cop out! But it’s not. There are many out there who don’t want to sit and figure out their passions and dreams. They’re not ready. There are those that are totally content where they are and have no deep longing for more. There are many leaderpreneurs who have already figured out their dreams, which is awesome! If that's you, congrats! I hope you are lending a helping hand to others who want to follow in your footsteps, like I am trying to do with my book. I'd also like to hear from you - how did you go grom wandering to climbing?

Leaders and entrepreneurs by nature are creative problem solvers, so the word "creative" covers all leaders, go-getters, entrepreneurs, and game-changers... and the wannabes who aren’t quite there yet, but want to be (hence the term wannabe. I guess that was redundant).  I do come from the creative side of the corporate world, so I have a special place in my heart for writers, designers, photographers, videographers and the like. I find that the more creative a person, the harder it is for them to focus and make their dreams a reality, thus the more they may need my help.

How do you define a leaderpreneur? Let me know in the comments!

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