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Here you’ll find my blog posts, the behind the scenes Vlog of my life, Friday Favorites, impromptu livestreams and instastories, and other every-day-life-me types of things.

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    The Best of 2017

    Welcome to a new series here at KH HQ - Friday favorites! In these posts I will answer your FAQs about what products I use, who I follow online, which apps/tactics/people/practices I…

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    A Day in My Life

    THE VLOG Well by day I mean multiple days - sometimes weeks in one vlog episode, but you get the idea. These videos are part video journal, part behind the scenes outtakes,…

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    Thoughts from My Interview Gary Vaynerchuk It’s fitting that my first post on Medium highlights a lesson I’m learning from Gary Vaynerchuk, Medium investor and advocate. For one thing, he told me…

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    Words. Letters put to paper in the right order that can shape religions and change nations. Spoken words are powerful too, as we all can attest from a family dinner gone wrong…

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    I love the pressure. The rush. The eyes in the room land on you, and it’s time to perform. Time be funny. Or insightful. Or to sing well or to ask the…

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    I could feel myself getting smaller in the chair, and turning a distinct shade of purple. Be cool, Kelsey, I told myself, he doesn’t know. No one knows… As I told myself…

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    “Do you remember anything that you do for fun?” he said. Dang. This is a question I might expect and — let’s be real — enjoy from a wide-eyed fan who is in awe of my…