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Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson | Fitness Mogul

Prepare. Yourselves. I sat down and asked Chalene Johnson, the fitness mogul, everything you've been dying to know: How did she transition from fitness guru to business guru? She talks a lot about working less and living more these days, but didn't she work all day everyday when she built her business? What's her advice to those just starting out?

If, like many, you think Johnson is just a Fitness Talking Head, you are mistaken. She started her first business in her teens - flipping state-owned automobiles. I’ll give you a second to imagine Teen Chalene pulling up to the auto shop in a dirty, bright orange beater. After a while the business no longer felt safe - traveling alone with cash to a transaction with a stranger. So she transitioned that business into a service that facilitated a joint location for private buyers and sellers to meet and buy and sell their used cars.

“I thought there’s got to be a better way to do this. I realized ‘hey, if I have a problem, I bet other people have this problem. And if I solve this problem, it feels good and I can also make money.’ And so that was my first experience with entrepreneurship.”

It was that same knack for problem solving that led to her next business, Powder Blue Productions. Johnson realized fitness instructors’ problem: they were paid peanuts and had to do all the hard work themselves. They needed pre-designed programs, complete with music, choreography and a certification process. So she created one, which grew into a multi-million dollar business, with over 60,000 certified fitness instructors across the globe. That also led to an apparel company and eventually a partnership with Beachbody.

But a heart-to-heart with her husband, Brett, made her realize: she was unhappy. The couple sold their businesses and began the digital empire they run now, which includes Smart Success Academy, Marketing Impact Academy, Virtual Business Academy and more. She’s traded thousands of fitness instructors for hundreds of thousands of online students. Join their ranks by learning from her with this video - you'll be glad you did! For more information about Chalene, visit ChaleneJohnson.com.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The keys that got Chalene through her first few years in business (9:14)
  • Advice for someone who wants to transition as she did (15:46)
  • How to foster better work ethic (19:00)
  • Chalene's number one piece of advice for a beginning entrepreneur with an online brand (23:10)


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