Dave Ramsey Personality, Christy Wright, cofounder of Business Boutique

How to Start Building Your Personal Brand
Like a Ramsey Personality

OUR FIRST TOUR BUS EPISODE! How cool is that?! OK Moving on.

Christy Wright, author, coach and popular public speaker, started speaking because another speaker in the Dave Ramsey organization couldn't fulfill their speaking commitments. She didn't ask for permission - she just said, in the moment, on the phone "I can do it instead." Since then she's become the face of the mompreneurship arm of Ramsey Solutions and the cofounder of Business Boutique. Learn more about how she started her brand and her best advice after working with thousands of women business owners.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Christy's story from the beginning, back when she boarded horses to pay her rent (2:30)
  • Tips for creating opportunities for yourself (7:15)
  • Why you should give more attention to time management (17:25)
  • Selling and branding advice (24:00)

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Why did you choose to have Christy as a guest?
She is the first employed guest I have had, and I did hesitate for a minute about that - but then I realized a lot of speakers and authors who watch would probably LOVE to pick the brain of a Ramsey personality. Plus I knew her book was great and she'd have a lot of great tips for women wanting to work from home.

How’d you get the interview?
Her publicist actually reached out to me because of my interview with Dave! Score!

Where was the interview?
In her tourbus in Dallas. #legit

What was she like in person?
Warm, friendly, fun, and focused. I feel like maybe she could/should run for president!

What went well?
Everything - her team said Dave remembered me when he saw my name on the press schedule - WOOT WOOOT!

What went wrong?
Nothing went wrong but it was hard to get a great angle of us chatting inside the tour bus. I feel like it looks awkward, and it felt a little awkward too, but still, the bus is much cooler than a back room at the bookstore so we just rolled with it!

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