Confession Post (First of many?)

Confession time. Since writing my other posts last week, I have barely touched my own marketing. I always get so frustrated at marketing people and firms who can’t effectively market themselves and here I am in my chair eating a bowl of my own words. It’s so frustrating and honestly enlightening. I understand why people don’t have time for their own brands - it’s because their busy working on their clients’ brands.

I got it in theory, it’s just now I’m actually living it. My BFC has a B because they are big. They have a lot of needs, and as of right now it’s just me (and hopefully soon an intern!) and so there is literally not enough time in the day. Which is why this week and next week I will have less evening time and weekend time off. I HAVE to get my own brand in order and so I am going to HAVE to give up personal happy-fun time to get there. Plus, it’s happy and fun to work on the Lever brand anyway, once I get going. So, hopefully my next post will actually discuss the Lever Brand in all it’s glory. Until Then!


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