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What We Look For In Videos

We curate video footage that includes interview or direct to camera content from qualified sources, about how to achieve success in that industry. For example, we would only consider a How To Get A Publishing Deal interviews or advice video from a professional, published author who has done so, NOT a writing coach or consultant. We would accept an interview clip from a professional actor on How to Succeed At Auditions, NOT from an acting coach, etc.

What We Look For In Articles

We want articles and videos in the following categories, from qualified sources, about how to achieve success in that industry. For example, we only want Health articles from professional health and fitness coaches on how to become a professional health coach. We do not want general health tips. Headline ideas would be "How to Get Your First Paid Gig as A Professional Writer" "How to Get to the Next Level in Your Speaking Career" "How to Successfully Turn Your Expertise into a Consulting Business" List articles accepted, for example "5 Ways to Speed Up Your Podcast Growth" and Articles with many resources and links accepted, for example "The 10 Best Books for Your Acting Career."

The only exception to the above rules is within the category of building a business or personal brand, which includes general articles about:

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