If You Create A Lot Of Content, Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

As I mentioned earlier in this issue, Q1 of 2017 was not the best for myself or the dream I’m building here at The Pursuit. I can go into why in the future, but today, I want to tell you an important reminder.

If you are feeling depressed, burnt out, crusty, bitter - WHICH HAPPENS TO EVERYONE BUILDING SOMETHING - don’t create content. Take some time off. I tried to record videos. I did my hair and make up, set up the shoot, shot some stuff, felt okay with it. Then I went to edit it together - it had the stank of bad attitude all over it. Even though the messages were good, there was just an overall snarky tone that ruined the videos. You may have noticed I stopped live-streaming and stopped posting videos - that’s why.

Lesson one here is this: create from scars, not wounds. As soon as I had bounced back emotionally and mentally, I made my latest video. So much better. To learn more about the scars vs wounds concept watch Glennon Doyle Melton explain her process, as a bestselling memoirist.

Lesson two is to create space in your life to have a bad week. Even though I work in batches, there were videos and live-streams I had to do during that time to stay on schedule. My batch game was not strong. That’s why we’re talking off the month of May for publishing new videos and instead batching the relaunch of The Pursuit throughout April and May in order to get way ahead and allow for error. To learn more about batching, listen to Natalie MacNeil explain her process.

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