Dave Ramsey

How To Grow Your Mission Into A Massive Empire

Well guys, this was another scary one, not gonna lie! We were short on time and I was nervous but I still managed to get some new stories and fresh answers from the popular national radio host, TV personality, bestselling author and money-management expert Dave Ramsey. We met at the HQ of Ramsey Solutions to discuss his popular story: a young bankrupt couple rebuilds their life and start a business that grows a media empire with over 500 employees. If you are interested in taking your mission and calling and creating a thriving business around it, you will love this one! 

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Dave got into financial coaching just four years after declaring bankruptcy (2:38)
  • Tips for overcoming the struggles of building a team (8:13)
  • Common mistakes people make when they're launching a product or business (15:35)
  • Why it's not necessarily a good thing to invest everything back in your business (20:02)
  • Advice for being in business with family (24:50)
  • How to bounce back from a big, fat failure (27:38)


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Why did you choose to have Dave as a guest?

He’s a super successful entrepreneur, with over 500 employees, reaching 12 million people a week on his shows, plus I had heard from so many that he is really hard to get as a guest, which motivated me to make it happen!

How’d you get the interview?

I followed up with his publicists for about 18 MONTHS. I shared the details on one of my Instagram stories but basically I would follow up every time I had an excuse to do so, if I added more distribution or was going to be in Nashville, etc. Not monthly or even weekly, but every so often.

What was he like?

Much more quiet and reserved than I was expecting. Didn’t get much time to really get past the interview game face, unfortunately.

Where was the interview?

His studio in Financial Peace Plaza in Nashville, Tennessee.

Did he have a posse there?

He had two members of his publicity team. They were nice and pretty chill. He did tell me he didn’t think I needed an agent or a publicist, that I should just keep building things on my own (his publicity people are employees, not an outside firm.)

What went wrong?

Nothing actually went wrong, but we only got 20 minutes. After working so hard to land the interview, why didn’t I fight for more time?! It probably would have been worth it to wait longer and leverage a bigger platform for more time with him. Maybe. Starting 2017 with him was a big splash, so shorter may have been worth it.

Did you hear anything from him after the episode was published?

Yes! He tweeted my youtube link and said “Great Show” which is now a blurb I can put in my pitch emails to future guests. SO MUCH WIN!

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