Do Scary Sh*t

The very beginning of this venture was definitely scary and crazy, as you may have read. But after getting my bearings, there was a bit of a coasting period. Not that I wasn't working my hiney off, mind you, but I was doing things that were easy and familiar. Setting up marketing plans and campaigns for my client and doing design work and revisions, etc. Well, that period only lasts for so long because soon the client will want to get into the big stuff. For example TV commercials. In my career I'd of course been involved in script writing, commercial shoots and editing decisions, but involved. Not in charge of. Not solely responsible for.


So as my client and I prepared for their first shoot, it was initially very scary. We're still preparing and it's still a little scary but you know what? It's exciting. and rewarding! A heck of a lot more so than the period of easy cheesy coasting. You can't really stay sharp and feel fulfilled if you're hiding in the safe zone. So, I encourage all you entrepreneurs out there, once you've gotten settled, pick something huge, that scares you, and get started on it! Also, don't try and do it alone. Call up old colleagues or experienced friends-of-a-friend and ask them to partner with you. Luckily, I have really smart, experienced friends in the biz who are working with me, since obviously I don't have the resources in house yet.

Before going awol during my first trimester, I wrote about how I was not in my sweet spot. This scary exciting time is a lot closer, but honestly I'm still not back there. I am planning on biting the bullet and hiring a part time employee soon to help out with the work load. Even though I'd like to hold off on that expense, I think I will actually be better at what I do if I'm not trying to do it all. Should be another scary and exciting adventure! I'll keep you posted!

Done anything scary lately? Were you glad you did?

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