What If My Dream Has Already Been Done Before By Someone Else?



Hi friends! I wanted to post a quick note to follow up last week's video, it was actually in the video but got left on the editing room floor because the video was already too long. Editing room floor. That's funny. What I mean is the floor of my home office, the one with a scrap piece of fabric hanging on the wall so I can stand in front of it and make inspirational videos. Totes legit. GETTING TO THE POINT... If you watched last week and thought 'But, everything I long to do has already been done before. Someone else is doing it really well and is already a master climber, so why should I bother?' Then this book excerpt is for you!

"Every person has unique gifts and specific dreams given to them and only them. Even if your goal is to do something someone has already done, for example, quitting your job and switching to full time freelancing. Sure, it’s been done before, but no one can write, design, edit, photograph, manage, or consult exactly like you can. Maybe you’re arguing that your style is exactly like someone else’s. First, it isn’t. Second, even if very close, you have an entirely different circle of influence than that other person. Your reach, however small, no matter who it includes, is your reach and no one else’s. Your reach is as unique as you are, so whoever you are comparing yourself to, they can't reach exactly who you can.

This motivational book is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of its kind. I realize I am not writing anything all that new or earth shattering here. But I feel compelled to write. I have a conviction that there are people within my circle of influence that need to read what I feel called to say. Just as you need a tribe, Seth Godin tells us in his book, Tribes, there is a tribe out there that is waiting for you to lead them. What if, because you choose fear over starting, choose wandering over climbing, someone somewhere misses out? What if your idea is just what they need to hear, but they never hear it because you chickened out? Because you were afraid of heights? Because you would rather sit on the couch and watch Game of Thrones for hours instead of hunkering down and finishing that design or poem or business idea? Granted, Game of Thrones may just be worth it. Pretend I said Real Housewives of Somewhere. There, now I’ve offended at least one reader. Moving on. Remember what we already covered - you have gifts as specific as your DNA. Only you can offer them. Now take a moment and realize someone out there may desperately NEED that gift in their life. How selfish of you to sit on the couch night after night! It’s okay. Tonight will be different."


- Excerpt from Your Mountaintop Awaits! Stop Wandering, Start Climbing


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