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If you're in the trenches like me, trying to build your dream from scratch, hustling for every opportunity - I want to feature you on The Pursuit!

Please READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE carefully and fill out the form below. If you can't fill out all the fields quite yet, wait a few months until your business/brand/hustle is more established and then apply!

Before You Apply:

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  1. Remember The Pursuit is first and foremost a form of video entertainment.
    • You must be at ease on camera, both live and recorded.
    • You must be able to record yourself and/or footage of your business/behind the scenes/office/studio/warehouse/whatever on a smart phone or simple digital video camera - not expensive equipment, just high quality horizontal footage.
  2. This series will be similar to business reality television, in that we want to know your story, know a current goal, and then follow up with you in a few months to see if you've achieved that goal.
    • You need to have a built in story that we can share over time on our channel, if you don't have one, you can make one up! For example, set an aggressive goal for yourself that we can use as a story line, like number of sales, a product launch, a milestone number of subscribers, landing your first advertiser, landing 3 clients in the next quarter, etc.
  3. Though this is a series of people who haven't necessarily "made it" yet - we still need to add value to the audience.
    • Your business/product/career/journey needs to be one or more years old and you need to have momentum in one or more areas. For example, you have a product that is almost done and you want to share the launch process, or you're a consultant that's been in business one year but you need to get 3 more clients this quarter. If you're a musician, for example, you need to have a brand and be playing gigs already, and maybe your hustle that we feature on the pursuit is the funding and making of your first album. If you're a blogger and podcaster, maybe we cover the launch of your first book or we track you trying to land bigger and better guests or reach the 100,000 downloads milestone, etc.
    • If you haven't launched anything yet, haven't started, don't have momentum, please do not apply.
    • If you do fit the description above, make sure you have some tactics/tips/lessons that you've learned thus far that you're willing to share/show with viewers and listeners.

Good luck! I can't wait to read everyone's story!

- Kelsey

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This can be a vlog, a livestream, a periscope, etc. If you don't have a recently posted video, feel free to make one just for this!

This needs to be a compelling one-liner that draws us into your story, while establishing that you have some credibility and momentum. Keep it short and try and incorporate a number. For example, Kelsey's hook is usually "Launched a traveling talk show and went from 0 to Tony Robbins in just 18 months." (300 Character Max)

Please clearly explain the dream you are pursuing. As short and concise as possible, please explain who you are, what you do and why you do it. (500 Character Max)

You don't need to be crushing it in all areas, but you need to have one or two strong points such as your social media following is growing fast, your income is growing, you just landed an agent or signed a big deal contract, etc.

What part of your journey will we follow after your interview on The Pursuit? For example you are trying to quit your job and go out with your business full time in the next 3 months, or you are trying to reach 100,000 app downloads, or launch a successful kickstarter campaing, opening a brick and mortar store, or start and open your first online course or membership site, etc. You don't have to achieve it perfectly for this to be a success, if you fail, you'll learn and you can share that with viewers, so go big and go bold! Inspire Us!

Remember, good tv has a little drama to it. Paint the picture for us on how hard the next few months will be as you try to hit your big goal.

We are only going to feature one guest in each indsutry, so if multiple podcasters, marketing consultants, MLM distributors, Instagram influencers, bloggers, authors, comedians, musicians, etc apply, we'll only pick one in each sector. What sets you apart from others in your industry?

Share your big-picture, long-term mission and vision.