Glenn Beck

How To Become a Media Mogul and Massive Celebrity - Without Selling Your Soul

Politics aside, Glenn Beck is one of the most successful media entrepreneurs of our time. I asked him how he became the popular host, bestselling author and wildly successful digital network CEO that he is today. I found some of his answers pretty surprising and inspiring!

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Glenn transitioned from radio DJing to talk radio (3:48)
  • Glenn's advice for broadcasters who want to follow his footsteps (7:34)
  • Two things to watch for when chasing success (19:15)
  • Tips for balancing freeness of speech with being considerate of the impact it has on family and employees (30:49)
  • Glenn's number one daily habit for success (36:11)


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Why did you choose to have Glenn as a guest?

I realize this was a bit risky. I had a few people unfollow and so on. But he’s one of the most successful media personalities of all time. He was on the cover of TIME magazine! He shapes a whole sector of the country’s culture and narrative.

How’d you get the interview?

I had reached out via the blaze and glennbeck.com a few times unsuccessfully, but then I saw he had a new book coming out, so I reached out to his publicist and she set it up.

What was he like?

He’s a hugger. Very chill and warm and friendly but also clearly very passionate about his beliefs. Also a man with some deep regrets, I think.

What went wrong?

When we were setting up we knocked over something on his coffee table, it didn’t break and he didn’t seem to care but I held my breath for a second thinking - oh no there goes my mortgage to replace whatever special irreplaceable historical dealybob! Also, I wish he hadn’t been wearing a hat! Didn’t look great on camera. We also didn’t have great audio because they were doing construction in the building.

Did you hear anything from him after the episode was published?

Yes! He replied to me on Twitter a thank you and said I was an “honest journalist” - the bummer is that I think by the way he wrote it he meant for it to be a public tweet for people to see but he replied to me personally, so no one saw it but me. Bummer in terms of exposure but still a really cool response from him!

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