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Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to me! As a little gift to myself, I'm starting off this morning doing something I have been putting off. Writing. Why is it so easy to put off things we love, things we enjoy? Calling that friend, sending a card, traveling, reading, writing, organizing, exercising? (ok, we may not love that last one) I read somewhere that we waste 69 minutes a day simply putting things off! Why? Fear, laziness, who knows. So, I am going to start writing a little bit everyday (it may or may not get posted). I have read so many articles that say (duh) if you want to be a better writer, write a little bit everyday. At the end of the year, that's quite a bit of writing. I have ideas for a book or e-book maybe, and writing everyday is going to help solidify those ideas.

This year, my 29th year, is going to be awesome. I have always had big dreams and ideas and plans, but this year I am actually going to DO some of them. I have spent my maternity leave reading and watching videos and preparing for this year-o-awesome. I want to hit the big 30th birthday feeling fulfilled and excited - not full of regret over all I didn't get done over the past year. I didn't achieve most of what I wanted to this past year BUT I did cocreate & birth the world's cutest little girl, so I'm cutting year 28 some slack.

This site will soon be redone to help creative leaderpreneurs bridge the gap between creativity and strategy and success. I will focus on speaking, writing, and helping others - what I really enjoy. Lever will live on and I will continue to do marketing and branding projects, which I also enjoy, but my site and blog are going to focus on others - helping other creatives get out of their own way, quit holding themselves back, and reach their goals! Here's to lucky number 29!

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