Why My Husband Won’t Read My Book (and your spouse probably won’t read yours)

My husband is the embodiment of support. He has been my cheerleader through my many endeavors, and even joined facebook years ago only because that would add one more fan to my music page. He has invested in me and my dreams both emotionally and financially. But he is not going to read my book. My best friend in the whole world probably won't read it either.

Listen my dear dreamer, hustler and climber, your spouse, partner, parent, or best friend probably won't read your book, buy your online product or watch your videos, etc.

"Wait, what? No, Kelsey, my friends and family are more supportive than yours. You cray." I can hear you saying with some attitude. Hear me out. Being supportive does not mean that your close friends and family are your tribe members. That may sound like a contradiction, and maybe it'd be better to say that they are a in separate tribe. Here are some reminders for you as you build your dream:

1) Your spouse/parent/bestie may not be your target tribe member. My husband is not who I am trying to reach with my message.

Though driven and intentional, he is just not the kind of guy to read a motivational book. He is 100% NOT EVER going to watch motivational videos on youtube. My mom and many other family members don't dig business/development type books (though my Mom did read my entire book anyway, thanks, Mom.) Realize that this is totally normal, and that they can still be supportive without jumping in as your client or customer.

2)Even if a close friend or family member are your target reader, buyer, client or customer, they probably won't ever see you as an author, coach, inventor, expert, or authority.

You're their brother, sister, friend, daughter, first. Think about it, would you pay your best friend hundreds of dollars for their services? Wouldn't that feel awkward? Wouldn't that complicate things? Google "working with family" or "working with your best friend" and check out the results, you'll see what I mean.

Not only are the above two statements totally normal for most dreamers, they are also freeing.

Quit worrying about how many of your Facebook friends become fans. Don't obsess that your close buddies never watched the rough cut of your documentary you sent over. Don't hold grudges against them, just realize that they are supportive in a sideline sort of way, they're not going to get on the field with you. Once you realize this your relationships will be so much better off! Your marriage will thank you!

Focus outside of your social circle, focus on those who need your message most. They are out there and they are waiting for you! Have you had trouble getting your spouse on board with your dream? Do you agree with these statements or think your closest friends should be in your tribe?

I hope you found this encouraging today, if so please comment and show some love on Facebook. 


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