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How to Go All in On You & Build An Authentic Brand

If you want to learn about building a personal brand as an influencer, building a career step by step through multiple industries, how to hone your own voice, and how to find and make the most of a "big break" - you will love this interview with Host of The Real, Jeannie Mai!

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Jeannie gives advice on what to do after getting your first big break (5:20)
  • Tips for defining and building your brand (14:26)
  • Advice for landing spokesperson jobs (17:41)

Learn more about Jeannie at thejeanniemai.com.

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Why did you choose to have Jeannie as a guest?
It's Jeannie Mai! Okay so obviously I love talking to anyone in television and media since that's my industry, and if I, an aspiring talk show host, can interview a current successful talk show host, you can guarantee I'm gon' do it! But also - she worked her way up in a make up career after running away from home as a teen, she transitioned from make up to TV all on her own, built her brand, etc - there's so much we can learn from her.

How’d you get the interview?
Her publicist reached out to me about Jeannie after I reached out to them about a different potential guest who hasn't said yes...yet 😉

Where was the interview?
At her publicists' HQ in Hollywood

What was she like in person?
So so great! Friendly and spunky and open and honest - she even gave me a shoutout that day in her instagram story, which was super cool of her.

Did anything go wrong?
It was a bit of a challenge lighting us with the window behind but it worked out fine!!

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