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How to Build a Successful Brick and Mortar Club or Membership Business

If you are thinking of opening your own brick and mortar business, and you want to make sure it's a hot destination OR if you want to start a membership business, you have GOT to watch this episode with Jennie Enterprise, founder of NYC's CORE:club. She started her first entrepreneurial venture as a teen, creating a successful coffee shop and entertainment venue concept in college and now, at CORE she offers her 1000+ members lodging, dining, culture programs, movie screenings, and home base from which to work, train with a personal trainer, get a spa treatment, and more - for an cool annual fee of $17,000 plus a $50,000 initiation fee. (Maybe if you were on the fence about your club, those numbers will encourage you!!)

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Jennie was able to get funding right after 9/11 (9:31)
  • Tips for building a team and attracting the right people (20:10)
  • Why entrepreneurs need to relentlessly pursue relevance (24:06)
  • Jennie's number one piece of advice for serving and retaining members (27:35)
  • Advice for creating a successful destination type of business (32:30)


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Why did you choose to have Jennie as a guest?

The CORE:club is a really cool club and to imagine having a giant brick and mortar business with that many moving parts hurts my brain, so I was eager to pick hers. Plus she’s like a Manhattan Power Woman which is just cool

How’d you get the interview?

She has the same publicist as Tony Robbins, they pitch their clients to me on a regular basis and then I interview the ones that are a good fit.

What was she like?

She was friendly and a bit self conscious in front of the cameras, but clearly knows her stuff. One thing that didn’t come up in the epsidoe (but has been verified in other articles about her) after years in an unhappy marriage, she fell in love with her now-business partner at CORE. When the two women married, instead of taking one or the other’s name, they just made up a new last name, which explains how a mogul like herself has such a befitting last name. Obviously she takes life into her own hands!

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