Jon Acuff

How to Create Your Dream Career

I really try to keep my story out of the show as much as possible, as these interviews are not about me. But Jon Acuff has impacted my personal and professional life so much over the last two years, there is a bit more Kelsey in this episode than usual. I promise the wit and wisdom Jon shares more than makes up for it!

Jon is the NYTimes Bestselling author of Quitter, Start, and most recently Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck (which Seth Godin called "the best career book ever written." NBD.) He’s helped some of the world's biggest brands tell their story (like The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and Dave Ramsey.) Now he speaks to hundreds of thousands of people across the country at events each year for his book and for companies such as Microsoft, Whirlpool, and Comedy Central. He is a big proponent of social media, with multiple blogs that have been read by 4 million people and more than 275,000 twitter followers.

I sat with him in Franklin, Tennessee to discuss his recent journey from day job to dream job to entrepreneurship.

For more information about Jon, visit Acuff.me.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Jon was able to gain momentum with his blog after only nine days (5:44)
  • Tips for booking your own gigs (13:32)
  • How to get on a speaker's roster (17:29)
  • What to do to land your dream job (18:40)
  • Mistakes people make when building personal brands (26:07)
  • Good things people do when building personal brands (27:52)
  • How to set word goals when getting stuck in the writing process (44:18)
  • Advice for becoming a published author (47:12)

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