I Just Want to be Tim Ferriss

If you follow me on twitter, you have heard me talk about Tim before. He's cool for a lot of reasons, but one of them is how generous he is with his book marketing secrets. Well, I guess not secrets, since he shares them with everyone. His posts are long and detailed, they're like crack for me. If you are going to market your own book someday, or any launch really, you should get addicted to him too.

All of that to say people keep asking about my Go Solo book launch tactics, and I have a confession to make, they're not really my tactics.

First, I signed up for coaching with the Best Selling Book System. James, Chandler and Tyler are awesome and were very helpful in teaching the ways of Amazon, as well as titling and positioning for kindle books. Next, I read Bookstrapper's Guide to Book Marketing. Another really great resource. But today, I want to talk to you about the media/press on the actual launch week and the week after (this week). I will expand below but here is the highlight:

Take a huge successful process (like the tactics used by Tim) and make your own. I am not a huge author with a 400-page book, and I have not been on Good Morning America (yet!) But I basically said, well, if Tim can do it, I can too, I will just have to start a bit smaller:


  • Tim got quotes from influencers, I got blurbs too - the biggest from Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank! Then another from NYT Bestselling Author, Jon Acuff. To learn *Exactly* how I got Barbara's endorsement subscribe via email below for the word-for-word play by play.
  • Tim built an email list. I built an email list (you can see the sign up on this page multiple times, as well as on the book site)
  • Tim asked his list for reviews, I asked my list for reviews (made it to 40 reviews in two days)
  • Tim made a trailer video. I made a trailer video.
  • He squeezed as much media as he could into a small amount of time. I tried to do the same:
  • Live Your List Podcast Interview Live on Launch Day Tuesday
  • Interview Blogpost Live on Mutiny of Dreamers Wednesday
  • Guest Blog Post Live on BigIsTheNewSmall on Thursday (promoted by @ScottWilliams)
  • Letter to Aspiring Lifestyle Bloggers Live on Thursday (totally different audience than all the other business-y ones!)
  • Guest post on The Self Employed on Friday
  • Guest post on StopDoingNothing.com on Monday
  • Guest post on Dan Miller's 48days.com on Tuesday
  • I have another podcast interview coming out this week (it's currently Thursday)
  • Tim Ferris got TV coverage, I will be on Rise & Shine Oklahoma on October 8, the day before the OKC Book Launch Party.
  • Tim got local press coverage, I will be getting some coverage in the OKC Gazette.
  • Tim got coverage in the big sites, Huffington post, etc. I currently have pitches out with many of those, cross your fingers for me!

I am not on Tim's level yet, but if I'm not hustling where I am now, how will I be ready to hustle when Good Morning America calls? You know what I always say, Start Now, Stay Diligent. 

Any questions about this for me? Post a comment! Learn *Exactly* how I got Barbara's endorsement subscribe via email below for the word-for-word play by play! 


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