Kristina Kuzmic

How to Build A Business Around Creating Fun Content

Want to make a living making funny YouTube videos or inspirational livestreams? Are you a writer, speaker, vlogger, comedian, or a content marketer? Are you a mompreneur? Then you will love this episode, it's a fun one! 

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What to do when you finally get that big break (3:25)
  • Tips for landing a successful partnership deal (7:46)
  • How to handle entrepreneurship when you're a mom (13:23)
  • Advice for growing a community (20:06)

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Why did you choose to have Kristina as a guest?
I loved that she had her big break - and then her show was cancelled and she disappeared for a while. That's what usually happens. But then she decides to start creating videos again and boom, overnight explosion. I wanted to pick her brain on how that happened!

How’d you get the interview?
I reached out to an email listed on her website, then had to follow up quite a bit and get redirected to the right person, etc.

Where was the interview?
What felt like the middle of nowhere, aka an LA suburb.

What was she like in person?
Wonderful! Exactly like her videos.

Did anything go wrong?
She changed her interview time a couple times so this one almost didn't happen, but we stayed as flexible while we could during our week in LA and made it happen!

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