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Guys you know I keep it real, and the magazine is dead. Even though people were subscribing, they weren't actually downloading or reading it. We were spending hours and hours on something no one was reading. So, after six months, even though it crushed my ego because it's cool to have your magazine, the mag is doneski. For now. I may relaunch it later when we have more man power and can run ads against it, etc.

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Past Issues

April 2017
Learn about audience growth and community building around your awesome dream. Plus behind the scenes with Rachael Ray, Fabolous and Jason Saltzman!

March 2017
Mindfulness, Happiness and Gratitude when building a dream. Plus behind the scenes with Gretchen Rubin, Melanie Duncan and Debra Bednar-Clark!

February 2017
Productivity Tips and Tricks, Activity ROI Chart, Working with Your Spouse, Communicating with Your SO about your dream, and behind the scenes with Dave Ramsey, Glenn Beck and more!

January 2017
Goalsetting, Motivation, Achievement, and behind the scenes details with Larry King, Carrie Wilkerson and more!

December 2016
Work/Life Balance, a hustler gift guide, behind the scenes with Glennon Doyle Melton, Kathy Griffin, and more!

November 2016
Creativity, innovation, behind the scenes with Simon Sinek, Ramit Sethi, Kimra Luna and more!