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Mindset Hack to Actually Stick With It!

Let Me Give It To You Straight

I've talked about how the beginning of new things feels awkward and lame, but I wanted to add something else: IT SUCKS.

As I explain in the video, people get pumped at the beginning of a new year, new goal, new project, and then wonder if they're doing something wrong when they suddenly hit week 2 or 3 and hate their new goal and every one and every thing and if they have to eat one more salad they'll stab someone...


So what do we do?

We prepare for the pits. Pits of self-pity, sorrow, anger, hunger, impatience - we plan ahead for the trouble spots and envision ourselves as PacMan (watch the video above for more on that - it really does help!)

My Personal Examples

As I told you last week, I have set one goal for each area of my life. Let's break down a few of those and how I've prepared for the low points:

  • Faith: More daily prayer and bible reading each day, specifically with my little one so I can lead by example.
    So. She's 4. She doesn't always want to read the bible when she has a stack of bright pink princess books, right? So I'm prepared for what to say to her, how to compromise, and how to explain this is our new nightly routine.
  • Health: I am not going to share my specific goal with you but as y'all know I want to "make it" in entertainment and I need to be a LOT smaller. No more excuses. As someone who is used to eating chocolate everynight for the last 3 years, and wine before that, I know night time is my big struggle. So, I have decaf coffee with full cream (acceptable for the Keto diet I'm adopting) and I save a few grams of carbs just for salted almonds to snack on.
    Is it as glorious as a half bag of chocolate chips? Um no. But like I said in the video, I envision each evening with almonds as a small dot that gets me to a big dot - feeling totally comfortable on camera, even with size -2 celebrity guests. Note: my goal is not a size zero, my goal is to feel bangin' even if I'm a few sizes bigger than them. To feel like I am the best version of me, trim and fit and free from worrying about arm flab and underchin. Free to focus on the work instead of how I look doing the work.
  • Home: I want to get a housekeeper this year. I suck at keeping my home organized and picked up and clean. I would just rather record dorky videos in a pacman costume than sweep, can you blame me?! So, the interesting thing about this goal is that I have to A) increase my income in order to pay for this because I don't want to move funds around with Pursuit Media, and B) get more organized. I have been fired by a house cleaner in the past -  YES, REALLY. I KNOW. IT'S REALLY EMBARRASSING, DON'T RUB IT IN.
    In our twenties, my husband and I hired one after we had just gotten our second dog, but she didn't want to deal with our piles. Piles of paper, piles of clean laundry, etc. She wanted to clean the house not organize it for us. So, every time I sort, stack, pack, and deliver another giant load of goods for goodwill when I'd rather be watching netflix with my almonds, I think "one step closer to never mopping again! huzzah!"

I'd love to know some of your goals and how you are going to plan ahead for the hard parts! Leave a comment on the Facebook post. 

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