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End the year with so much traction that your ideal clients, customers, readers, viewers and followers are flocking to you.

It's time to get your mission and message out in a bigger way.
It's time to

How Would It Feel  To...

  • Finally get over the hump and start seeing rapid growth for your brand?
  • Land that amazing exposure - the influencer connection, the writing gig, speaking gig, or podcast interview you've been dreaming of?
  • Have people regularly coming to you for your products and services (rather than you searching to find them)?
  • Gain clarity about what to focus on and when?
  • Finally cross off those long-running goals and tasks from your list?
  • Attract and retain a raving tribe of followers, clients and customers who love you?
  • Be in a small, amazing group with other hustlers who GET IT.
  • Have gnitty gritty one-on-one feedback about your brand, your business, and your goals?
  • Produce more work, and better work, in less time?
  • See faster, better results from your marketing efforts?
  • Be able to actually relax and finally feel caught up sometimes?
  • End 2016 with so much traction you will already know 2017 will be your best year yet?

(I can tell you, it feels amazeballs.)

Let me show you exactly how to create and grow some crazy momentum. Introducing...


I went "from Zero to Tony Robbins" in under 18 months

Hi! I'm Kelsey Humphreys, and I move fast. I believe you are capable of way more than you think, but you're probably overthinking a few things. I also believe we need to move fast to keep up into today's market. If you're not growing quickly, your brand is in trouble. You created your business, product, project or movement in order to change the world and serve others...but you're not reaching the world. You may not be reaching down the block! But that's where this program comes in. I can help.

I'm a media entrepreneur, journalist, talk show host, speaker, and success coach/consultant. I break down Success for the Rest of Us in all of my show episodes, written articles, audio podcasts, and coaching programs. Now, I realize your goal is (probably) not to land an interview with a bazillionare for your traveling talk show. But the methods I used to grow my brand so fast will work in tons of applications. They're also methods I used in my corporate branding and marketing career with giant international brands, and methods I've used with one-on-one clients over the past few years. That's why I'm launching this program for you!

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Let me share some of my own momentum details...

My Timeline

  • Fall 2014: Launch my first book and relaunched my personal brand
  • Start writing some guest posts on small websites
  • Start doing some local networking
  • Get book endorsed by Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and NYT Bestselling Author Jon Acuff
  • Used smaller writing gigs and endorsements to land a writing gig with Entrepreneur
  • Land multiple speaking gigs, one in Silicon Valley
    • This is when I decided to start interviewing, because I was going to be traveling anyway
  • January 2015: Shoot pilot episode of my show
  • January 2015: Create a solid brand for The Pursuit
  • February 2015: Land interviews with NYT Bestselling authors with a combined following of over 1 million
  • March 2015: Launch show with zero subscribers
  • March 2015: Land interviews in SoCal with Lewis Howes, Natalie Jill etc
  • April 2015: Secure a distribution deal with Success
  • May 2015: Land interview with Michael Hyatt, which snowballs into
  • Fall 2015: Interview HGTV's the Property Brothers, Al Roker, Seth Godin, Chalene Johnson...
  • November 2015: Start writing for LifeHack.org
  • December 2015: Entrepreneur starts distributing video
  • January 2016: Start writing for EliteDaily
  • January 2016: More snowball - Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard
  • April 2016: Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran
  • July 2016: LARRY KING and the list goes on!

The Methods

If you want to build traction for your brand and business, get more out of your marketing efforts, and start to ATTRACT clients rather than chase them, you can use these methods.

  • Launch and market (or relaunch) a book, project or product effectively
  • Land guest posting gigs
  • Use guest posting gigs to land a high value writing gigs or endorsements
  • Use high value endorsement to gain media exposure and podcast interview exposure
  • Use media exposure to land more speaking, writing, and consulting/coaching gigs
  • Use exposure and gigs to launch more books, projects and products
  • Rinse
  • Repeat
  • Watch Your Snowball Grow!

The Results

I love the work itself, I truly do. But I think the time to focus on the work and only the work, all day everyday, is gone. We have to use other strategies to grow and market our mission, while still doing the work we love. All that writing and pitching and marketing and editing listed above...it was and is a lot, not gonna lie... it adds up! It takes you much further much, much faster! For example, others in my industry have been building their brand for six years and I'm already a third of their size in just over one year.  These tactics led to doubling my Facebook community in a year, growing my Pursuit subscribership by an average of 50% per month!, 10x-ing my email list and of course added income! It also attracts thousands of people to me each week, reading my articles, sending me messages, joining my list, and buying my various physical products and coaching/consulting offerings throughout that time.

The Market

Let's all just go on record and thank God above for the internet, shall we? Seriously, now is your time. Now is THE time. There is no better time than the social, digital age we are in right now to rapidly grow your business, brand, or movement.

The opportunities online right now are endless, but that also means the web is getting more and more CROWDED. To rise above the noise, fast, you have to employ the right methods, in the right order, at the right time, with crazy tenacity... you have to create your own Momentum Snowball.

(a.k.a. My secret superpower that I'm now sharing with everyone!)

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What's Included

The Guide

  • This is not an automated course, this is live coaching. To start, I'll personally audit the current state of your brand.
  • Each week you'll submit your goals and ask me questions, I'll answer them in detail in each weekly video.
  • Each week I will find additional killer resources to help solve your specific problems.

The Goods

  • Ten Momentum Snowball Modules outlining my exact strategies
  • Weekly worksheets, checklists, cheat-sheets, video, audio and written lessons
  • Exclusive, exhaustive lists of curated resources about marketing, pitching, selling, sales funnels, social media, and more.

The Group

  • Connect with other people who *get it*
  • Brainstorm with other inspiring hustlers who are building things and going places.
  • Be held accountable each week. No more messing around!

What We'll Cover

You cannot go fast in multiple directions at the same time.
What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year? How do you want to feel about your work and life at the start of 2017? Does your current position set you up for those goals? Are you prepared for growth? Are you crystal clear on your mission?

Bonus: Digital Vision Board: Keep your goals top of mind with a customized vision graphic made for your smart phone.

You can't launch if your rocket is in bad shape. 
You can't get wind in your sails and soar if you are weighed down. This is a crucial step because we'll remove distractions and hone in on which areas are the best places for you to focus on in order to gain momentum.

Bonus: Branding 101 PDF - Learn some of the simple dos and don'ts of visual branding, color theory, copy writing and brand positioning.

A sailboat cannot take off on a runway.
We need to take last week's assessments and the goals from week 1 and adjust your brand, your copy, and maybe even your goals, so that everything is in perfect alignment. We'll also start to think about who you're currently attracting to your brand, your ideal customers and followers.

Did you know that most of the time you have more than one ideal customer?
For example, let's say you are a life coach serving moms. So, moms - hopefully, a very specific group of moms - are your ideal customer. But you have another set of customers - journalists you want to write articles about you, podcast hosts you want to have you on their show, influencers you want to partner with you, etc. In order to get to your desired destination by the end of the year, and really gain traction, we have to get clear on both sets of customers.

If one could belt in research, I would be a super duper black belt mega ninja. 
I will help you find the right influencers to partner with, or outlets to gain exposure on, whom to pitch to and how best to pitch to them.

Are you ready for all eyes to be locked in on you?
We've done a lot of the branding work to make you attractive, but we're about to start pitching possible media placements, interviews, guest posts, proposals, etc. In order to seal the deal with some of those opportunities, and to appeal to the clients that will come your way from them, we will probably need to create some new content. For example, a custom page on your site just for them, a welcome video, a blog post series, etc.

Bonus: How to Crush It on Online With Video, lesson and worksheet

The most successful people in the world have been rejected more in a year than most people will be rejected in a lifetime.
Because they realize failure is no big deal. They get that their dream, mission, vision, purpose, is worth failing for. They have tons of ideas, that they try, tweak, retry, pitch to multiple people, etc. I'm going to teach you how to be "good in a room" - even if that room is an email inbox. Your pitches, RFPs and proposals will glow. This is the week where we widen our nets and push way past our comfort zones. This is the downhill start, scary, but exciting!

Bonus: My personal swipe files! Tips and tricks for emails, pitches and proposals.

Let's turn one yes into twenty!

Momentum is precious. Once you have it, you have to keep it going! This is where the snowball really starts to grow, leveraging every small win for a medium-sized win, every medium-sized win for a big win, etc.

I don't want you to be THAT kid on the coaster who's crying because "it's going too fast"
Um, it's a roller coaster! It's supposed to be fast! Your brand, your business, your movement, you knew this was going to be the most crazy exciting, scary, challenging thing you ever do, right?! So this week we'll talk about processes, automation, outsourcing, and other ways to keep up the pace, stay focused, and continue to work ON your business and IN your business week after week.

Another reason successful people are cool with rejection? They don't accept "No" as an answer.
No just means "not now." I follow up week after week with prospects, until I get a no and even then, I start to follow up again within 6 months or a year. We'll create a strategy for tracking, follow up and we'll set new goals for Q1 of 2017.

Who It's For

As much as I want it to be, the truth is, this isn’t for everyone. In order for me to give hands-on help to each member, membership is limited. This is an exclusive program for people who are serious about getting focused. Serious about seeing results. Serious about investing time, energy and resources back into their business - in order to end the year with a bang.

Are you ready to finish 2016 strong?

  • You've already launched your business, and you're making some money, but you are feeling stuck. You need to bust through to the next level. You need to attract more clients, gain more exposure, and build a bigger following.
  • You're employed, but you have started building a personal brand in your industry, but you aren't growing fast enough. You need to gain speed in order to get promoted, finally launch that giant project, or land your own clients so you can go solo.
  • You have a personal brand as a speaker, author, coach or consultant, but you need to land bigger and better sponsors for your blog, finish your book, get bigger and better speaking and writing gigs, land celebrity endorsements or partnerships, or get media exposure.
  • You are an entrepreneur or industry leader that is driven, but are having trouble focusing all that drive to produce real results. You have big goals and dreams, but you’re getting bogged down by the day to day tasks.
  • You’re spinning your wheels when it comes to marketing and branding. You know how to serve your clients and customers but you can't figure out how to get buzz, attract leads, get higher quality clients and customers, land bigger and better opportunities to speak, write, be written about, or be interviewed, etc. You may have watched one too many webinars or read a million blog posts about HOW to market yourself but you haven't mastered the DO. We’ll cut the fluff and get you moving again, and fast!

Why Work With Me?

Kelsey's strategy session saved me DAYS in spinning my wheels, overthinking, and testing different programs.  You will get way more value than she promises...If you want to grow your brand and get ultra clear on where your company is headed, get on Kelsey's calendar as soon as possible.

- Carolina S.

There's really been so much I have learned from working with Kelsey. Her advice and words of wisdom have helped me increase sales and increase my brand awareness.
- Henry N.

Not only was the final result truly amazing, but Kelsey also helped me stop scrambling to manage my social media marketing activity. It's clear to me how unfocused and inconsistent my messaging has been. Thank you, Kelsey! I'd highly recommend you talk with Kelsey about revitalizing your brand and getting serious about marketing your thought leadership!
- Supriya D.

Oh My WORD! Every heard this: Under Promise and Over deliver? THAT’s Kelsey Humphreys.
- Linda C.

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