My Email Inbox

This week, Lever got some amazing emails, and not all in a good way. One of them was from a CherryBerry franchisee who explained that she would need help with social media because …wait for it … she had just learned how to copy and paste. Like control C control V guys! She was great about it though, she said "Yes, I'm serious." I loved that. And help her we did.


Next, there was an email of a potential client writing me back to my price guestimate. This was a non-profit that I really wanted to help but they have quite a long list so it was going to take a lot of work each month to get it done. To my email they replied "$X,000…American?!" That was all that was in the email, no signature, no nothing. I'm not making this up, people. This was a big moment because I didn't feel terrified I'd made a mistake, I didn't feel bad for being so high-priced. I felt confident I'd quoted the right thing, and 100% okay if that meant we couldn't start a partnership. It was a great feeling, even though I'd wanted to work with them.

I've also received multiple emails from struggling franchisees across the US who needed specific help in their market. It is so challenging and rewarding to send them a basic survey and then start tackling each issue one by one. I love to see their light bulbs come on and suddenly they are emailing me with tons of their own ideas for me to fine-tune.  (See a glimpse of that survey here)

I also got a franchisee reply email to a proof that simply said "A W E S O M E!" and another that said "This is excellent. Up and posted!" I also keep getting those "WeLiftBrands, you have a new follower on twitter" emails which are like a little fistbump in the middle of my day. I also get emails from Nichole, and I set up her name in her account as Awesome Intern, it makes me grin every time.

That's a look at my inbox, which overall, looks pretty great. What's in yours?


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