My Secret Master Plan for The Pursuit

If you've seen the buzz and wondered what I'm up to with The Pursuit, here is it. If you get ideas and can use them in your own marketing, then I've done my job with this post! I've bolded the takeaways for you to try and apply to what you're doing:

  • Like I said earlier, no webcams. Filmed at the GUEST's home turf. No studio. 20 minutes long because no one has time for more than that anymore. I'm creating a very different spin on the entrepreneurship show, even different from MarieTV or The AskGaryVee Show.
    • This will set me apart and hopefully get the industry talking. I want people talking!
  • Each episode will have a giveaway. The guests are giving away free consultations, website memberships, free books, AWESOME STUFF! These are actual tools they can use for free. The guests are SO cool to give back this way.
    • This is adding value to viewers beyond just information.
  • To see if they won, viewers have to watch the following week's episode.
    • I hope this creates a viewership snowball effect. 
  • To enter to win the giveaway, viewers will have to share on social media about the show. Social sharing is EVERYTHING in this first season. Hopefully I've created something so cool they'll want to share anyway, but I have to grow the viewership of the show which is why...
  • Every guest I'm inviting has at least 100,000 fans online.
    • If I sit down with the biggest entrepreneur in the world but she won't share about the show or get involved, that's LESS valuable than the person with only 100,000 online followers who will tweet the heck out of it. 
  • The show will "air" online at a set time, allowing for live tweeting with other viewers and the guests themselves like we do with primetime TV. Here's another example of using what works for other mediums. It's combining a twitter hashtag #ama (stands for ask me anything) and the community building that happens when everyone who loves the same girl on the bachelor all band together to tweet about her.
    • Community + Engagement with the guest live = conversation snowball (hopefully!) 

If everything listed above looks like a CRAPTON of work and money, you are correct my friend. But it will be something I think every entrepreneur and small business owner is going to really appreciate. I think they will enjoy watching it, will learn something, and will be inspired and encouraged. And I get to use my gifts beyond just writing. I love to speak and be on camera. I love to ask questions and get the guests to loosen up. I love to edit (the key takeaways) and inspire.

What is my end goal?
To be picked up by a network and reach more people. If Shark Tank and The Profit can reach millions, I think my show can too. My goal is to be the Ellen of entrepreneurship. Whether you like Ellen or not, with every show she highlights people who are great humans and inspires viewers to be more kind and compassionate, etc. You can tell that's her goal. My goal is to leave people feeling like they CAN launch their dream and they CAN grow their business and they CAN succeed! Plus the shownotes and giveaways give them actual TOOLS to do so! Plus, I love to be with people, on camera, and up on a stage, and pushing down that part of myself just led me to a deep dark depression. Why not use my natural tendencies for good? Why not use my gifts? I encourage you to ponder that same question!

If you have more questions, I've tried to answer them in the FAQ, or you can leave a comment and I'll respond.

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