Perfectionism Paralysis

That is a phrase I heard from the one and only Marie Forleo. To quote from my book, "Perfectionism is a cousin of procrastination and procrastination is the one of the most common valleys wanderers get stuck in."

I have been spinning my wheels on my book, trying to get it perfect and trying to learn learn learn learn all I can about publishing and attracting the reader and bla bla bla. Well, no more. I have hired some coaches to help me finish strong, and I am putting off all other goals besides the book launch.

Are you spinning your wheels on something? Spending too much time reading instead of writing? Watching educational videos and webinars instead of practicing and applying? Tweaking tweaking and tweaking some more? 

I dare you to just start today. Just launch something on your lunchbreak or after work today. Just ship that product/project that you're "perfecting." It will not be perfect. Heck, it probably won't even be ready. But this is just your first, or one of the first, and it won't be your last launch. This won't be your last project. This won't be your last essay or design or quilt or whatever it is that you create. Just get going and get it out there. Then you can start learning in real time, start getting feedback and most importantly, start gaining momentum!

Let me know how it goes, I believe it will be GREAT! 


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