Custom Quick Pep Talk for Someone Special!


Personalized 1-2 minute pep talks of encouragement, congrats, don’t give up, you can do it, etc messages from Kelsey. Details below in the Product Description.


Have a friend who is pooped? discouraged?
How about someone who is crushing it and needs a "congrats" or "well done!"
Maybe you yourself need a loving kick in the pants.
Maybe you want me to sing them happy birthday or get up off of that thang.
Dream big, I'm here to serve!

I will record a minute (or probably more because ya girl can talk) of encouragement and laughs just for them. This could be a birthday message, inspiration for a graduate, a singing telegram, etc!

WARNING: If you are a dude and you ask for something inappropriate I will send a snarky video and take your money. You've been warned! 

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