Quick Tip for Staying Positive

This has been a heavy week. Like the depression being discussed, a dark gray cloud has seemed to settle over friends, social media, businesses, and the discussions (debates?) going on. Understandably. I was scrolling through my feed and found an innocent question about a public figure in hot water, from someone who, like myself, had "missed the memo." Of course, I read the comments on the post and found a discussion raging on, so of course, I clicked a link and started reading about this guy and the opposing opinions and then I realized, um, why am I reading this? Seriously. What is this adding to my life?

We have a daily - let's face it, hourly - opportunity to click on a million news stories and blog posts about this debate, this person's scandal, this business found to be corrupt, etc - Is it worth all the negativity just to be "in the know"? I think not! Now, I also spent some time reading about Iraq but I chose to read a post explaining some things we can actually do to help. There is also an article on specific things to pray over the situation which I found helpful. You know what's not helpful? Reading news clip after news clip with horrific photo after horrific photo and watching every video.

Though we should know about some current events and issues in government in order to make wise decisions and to pray effectively, here is my quick tip for us today:

If you see a big gaping rabbithole of negativity and darkness, don't click on it.

That's it. Don't read. Don't comment. I struggle with this but as of today I am going to change. As interesting as it may seem, or "timely" or "newsworthy" - there is enough negativity in our hearts and minds already. There is enough worry, enough doubt, enough anxiety. Enough. Part of choosing to be positive and choosing to be a light and creating change in this world is to choose wisely what we watch, read, consume, digest and in turn to choose what we create and share. Remember Phil. 4:8. Remember God created you for great things - choose accordingly! 

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