Ripple Effect

It's been two weeks since my meltdown and my site is not done yet. Let's not talk about it. It's almost done, just like a day or two more, I can make it, right? I've had ideas to post in the last couple of weeks but nothing great. I had a thought today though, about how this being a business owner thing is slowly having a ripple effect throughout small things in my life. One example is that it changes the way I post online. Not only are my clients following me online, but so are potential clients. One to many poopy posts about being busy or my computer running slow or feeling overwhelmed and someone can easily get put off by me. Does this mean I'm fake online? No. Everyone has bad days. I just think three times instead of two before posting anything.

Something else that's crazy is to think of how I'm impacting people's lives. Of course I'm totally impacting my clients' lives and incomes, which is one of the most exciting parts of this for me, but also their employees - and now - da da daaaa! My own employees! That's right folks, I have an intern starting next week! Okay so that's not really an employee but I'm impacting her life all the same. I'm sure that will be a crazy, fun experience.

I guess the takeaway from this can be summed up by that verse, to whom much is given, much is required. When you decide to take the plunge and start building something, people will be affected, even if it's just your poor web developer husband who has to spend his evenings working on your website for 2 weeks. Or your parents or roommates or anyone in your circle of influence - and then later those who are watching you and following you. Then your clients, colleagues, and later employees. It's a cool but scary feeling! I'm sure I'll have much more on this in the months to come.

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