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Simon Sinek

How to Successfully Turn Your Idea into a Movement

This was another surreal moment for me - I guess you guys will just have to get used to me saying that! I read Simon's first book, Start With Why, years ago and have had multiple "Why" discussions with friends and colleagues ever since. He sat down with me in NYC to discuss how he created a global movement and how you can do the same.

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For more information about Simon, visit StartWithWhy.com.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Simon started the "why" phenomenon (5:22)
  • Simon's why (8:45)
  • How to build a team (13:46)
  • Tips for being a good leader when your team is growing fast (19:04)
  • What Simon has sacrificed in order to serve his giant "why" movement (28:40)
  • What to do if you have a message you want to spread to the world (32:40)


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Why did you choose to have Simon as a guest?

Not only is he a New York Times bestselling author, he created the whole Start With Why movement.

How’d you get the interview?

I normally don’t use forms on people’s websites, but this time that was all I could find, so I filled it out and made sure they knew it was time sensitive and for a specific week when we’d be filming in New York.

What was he like?

Very chill, very kind, passionate, has a genius vibe about him.

Where was the interview?

At the Ernst & Young building in NYC. He does work with them to create programs and so they let us use one of their conference rooms.

How many are on his or her team?

Did they have a posse there? This was unclear, but I know he has a small team and I believe they are remote or virtual. He had no staff with him but there were two EY staffers that seemed to be working with him.

Most unexpected thing about Simon?

He seemed a bit like a scattered artist, unshaven, casual clothes, kind of crazy hair. I didn’t expect a suit but I was surprised he wasn’t a bit more polished, especially since he was in meetings with EY all day too.

What went well?

He genuinely seemed to love the interview experience and said I did a great job, which is always nice. He even suggested that I try to get my first book picked up by a publisher rather, which implied he thought I had some level of smarts.

What went wrong?

I HAD MY PHONE IN MY LAP THE WHOLE TIME?! Not sure what happened. I keep my phone nearby because it has my list of questions but for it to just sit there the whole time? So lame. Also the light and the audio in that room was not the best it turns out.

Did you hear anything from him after the episode was published?

No, but he did share the youtube link and some images on his Facebook page, which is more than a lot of guests do.

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