What Happens After You Start?

Since God wired us the way we are intentionally, it should not be shocking that once we start pursuing our true passions and using our gifts, our life starts to change.

Once You Start Functioning from your "Sweet Spot":

1. You Find Your Tribe

On Facebook, in private membership communities, in my email list, at conferences, and in my local community. I have found my people. My creative dreamer hustler solopreneurs (or aspiring solo entrepreneurs). and it is wonderful. 

2. Doors Open

Opportunity comes a-knockin'. Since I started my video series, started spreading my message and working on my book, I have been able to speak, consult, start coaching, find a professional accountability partner, was approached to do a podcast in the future,  launched a best-seller!, got an endorsement from Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran! and Jon Acuff! met Jon Acuff in person, was interviewed on multiple podcasts, guest posted on a bunch of sites and I was even interviewed on TV! (clip coming soon) I say this not to brag but to encourage you that this can all happen for you and your dream too.


3. The Rest of Your Life Gets Sweeter Too

Today is my 30th birthday and my gift to myself was something I said for years I could never do. I ran a 5k. My husband and I went out, midday, in the rain, and ran a 5k together just now. I still can't believe it. Thank you Lord for cooler weather. Plus, I still had the high of my book launch party last night to keep me going. I am NOT athletic and have never been a health nut. I was a fine arts kid and didn't do any sports after elementary school. I always said maybe someday I'd run a 5k. Someday is today! It turns out discipline really does beget more discipline. Being more disciplined with my writing and my business has led to discipline in other areas. I exercise every day now. I drink smoothies. I go to bed on time and I wake up early before my family to prepare for the day. I stay on top of dishes and laundry. Who am I!? A year ago I wouldn't have believed it. I did post that this would be a big year, but I didn't realize just how tasty it would be.

If you're putting off your dream, I implore you, don't wait any longer! At your next milestone birthday, be it 25, 30, 50, will you wish you'd started today? If you do start today, you will wake up a few months from now and hardly recognize your life. I want that for you. You want that for you. Remember:

"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to become great." - Les Brown

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