Success For the Rest of Us

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Success is a big, scary word. We look at success, and successful people, and get overwhelmed. How did they do that? How could I possibly ever do that? Well, that's what I'm hear to break down for you and me, one small step at a time.


I break down all of the insights from my incredible interviews, extensive research, and personal experiences, into one, simple, doable tip per video. And I hope to make you laugh while doing it. I think you'll find each episode is inspiring, motivating, insightful and fun, with tips on habits, health, productivity, confidence, dream chasing, relationships, and more. The only problem is I have been creating videos for over a year. So bear with me, soon you'll be able to search by keyword and find your favorite video, the audio podcast episode, transcript and more.


I love love love video. But I get it, the cold hard truth is that it's just not easy to take video with you wherever you go. Enter the mighty podcast. {insert praise hands emoji here}

Since a lot of my viewers love listening to audio while they work, run, do dishes, and what not, I've taken the audio from my videos  (Quick Pep Talk videos and Periscope/Facebook Live broadcasts) and compiled them all into this podcast. Now new audio episodes will push right to your phone automatically if you subscribe in iTunes!


Episode Archive Coming Soon
As I said above, we (me and my Godsent VA Amber, and my amazing intern Chase) are working on an actual archive of all the posts, but since we're starting with over 60 videos to repurpose, publish, and catalog, we've got some work to do! Please be patient and check back in a couple weeks!





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