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    Nicole Walters

    How to Become An Influencer Overnight Okay, by overnight I mean less than three years. Still, lightening fast! Nicole Walters, speaker, recent viral video star, and successful online entrepreneur, shares SO many…

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    Thoughts from My Interview Gary Vaynerchuk It’s fitting that my first post on Medium highlights a lesson I’m learning from Gary Vaynerchuk, Medium investor and advocate. For one thing, he told me…

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    Carrie Wilkerson

    How to Build a Powerful Brand and Business from Home I loved getting to chat with Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, herself in her Texas home recently. She was one of the very…

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    How Kathy Griffin Built Her $15 Million Brand

    Entrepreneurs, marketers and writers can learn a lot from comedians. They write well, they understand culture, they blend artistry and commerce and most of them have had to single-handedly build their brands…

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    Kathy Griffin

    How to Make It In the Competitive Industry of Show Business I was really nervous about this one. Kathy Griffin is a comedy legend, but she's not necessarily known for being nice. Which…

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    Mike Bayer

    How to Become A Successful (Celebrity) Life Coach Mike Bayer is kind, hilarious and passionate about helping people. It's no mystery why celebrity clients like Demi Lovato love him. But how did…