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    Glenn Beck

    How To Become a Media Mogul and Massive Celebrity - Without Selling Your Soul Politics aside, Glenn Beck is one of the most successful media entrepreneurs of our time. I asked him how…

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    Kathy Griffin

    How to Make It In the Competitive Industry of Show Business I was really nervous about this one. Kathy Griffin is a comedy legend, but she's not necessarily known for being nice. Which…

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    Glennon Doyle Melton

    How to Change the World by Sharing Your Story I am a huge fan of Glennon's so this was another surreal moment for me. She was just as open and fun and…

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    How Simon Sinek Created a Global Phenomenon

    If you aren’t familiar with Simon Sinek’s name, you’re probably familiar with the movement he created, launched with the release of his international bestselling book, Start With Why. You may also recognize…

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    Ramit Sethi

    How to Create a Rich Life for Yourself Ramit Sethi is funny, passionate and seriously smart. After diving into personal finance in college, he started a crusade with his blog iwillteachtoyoutberich.com. He…

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    Simon Sinek

    How to Successfully Turn Your Idea into a Movement This was another surreal moment for me - I guess you guys will just have to get used to me saying that! I read…

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    Jon Acuff

    How to Create Your Dream Career I really try to keep my story out of the show as much as possible, as these interviews are not about me. But Jon Acuff has…