The Sweet Spot

Whoa. The last time I posted was Oct 17!? ...Well, I guess that sounds about right. Things here have been cray. CRAY y'all. Yeah, I know it's not really cool to say cray. I'm tired.


Anyway, I'm definitely through the honeymoon phase of this process. I took a couple days off recently when my parents were visiting, followed by being out of town the next weekend which, it turns out, were not luxuries I could not afford! Plus, with the end of the semester looming, Nichole has had to cut back her hours. It has felt for a while like I will never, ever catch up with my work load. Franchisee customization requests have started - if you have worked in retail/franchising, you feel me! - which can quickly double or triple an average week's work.



I realize this is a great problem to have as a new business! It's just not the best feeling, being behind. I am not in my sweet spot right now. My sweet spot is the initiator, big vision, marketing strategist, creative director spot.   Right now I'm in the manage every detail, make Nichole's task lists, finalize her files, design almost every new piece, track expenses spot. One's sweet spot is usually where they fill most fulfilled. When you are employed and you have a great employer, they keep you in your sweet spot as much as possible. When you're self-employed you have to fill all the spots for quite some time - which you know beforehand in your head, but it's very different in practice! That's my mind-blowing takeaway for today's post. Luckily this week I'm feeling a bit more caught up - which I hope gets me back in gear.

Can anyone else out there relate to the I'm-Not-In-My-Sweet-Spot feeling? If so, I'd love it if you left a comment!

PS - Natalie, if you're reading this, you're awesome! Also, I didn't have my comments set up properly so not only did I not see your comment, I don't have a way of contacting you, so please comment again!

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