The Tony Robbins Trick to Push Past Complacency

We’ve all felt it. It starts when you have good a routine going and you get into a nice, comfortable rhythm. Newness and uncertainty, any kind of change really is scary, so we work to squelch them. We strive to get past the crazy ups and downs of beginnings: Will she? Won’t she? What did that mean? What should I say? We long for a plateau.

But plateaus are flat and predictable. Over time, your fire for life fizzles, your drive at work slows, your passionate relationship starts to lose its fire. And then you wake up one day, realizing you’ve been on autopilot for months or even years. You’ve become complacent.

Visit success.com for Tony Robbins' explanation of how you can push yourself past this complacency by playing without a safety net.

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