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Wake Up, Leaders!

I am so excited to announce that I am now contributing to Entrepreneur Magazine over at Entrepreneur.com! It is so nuts to see a long-time goal realized.


My first post is a leadership article about leading entrepreneurial employees. Just recently a friend shared that when she interviewed at a small business for a receptionist position, they asked if she'd still be there in TEN YEARS. Another friend's husband was semi-forced out of his job because he admitted he didn't want to be at the same salesman position in FIVE YEARS.

Leaders, CEOs, Small Business Owners, WAKE UP!

Times have changed. It is unlikely that anyone is going to be a "lifer" at your company, definitely not your rockstar leaders. So what is a leader to do? I propose that from now on you start to think of the cream of the crop team members as consultants or short term contract hires. That may sound bleak, but you can get some amazing work out of them while they are with your company.

Read the full article over at Entrepreneur.com and leave a comment, I'd love to discuss this idea with you! 

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