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Friday Favorites: Influencer Edition

Question: How diverse is the group of people you follow closely online? 

One of the keys I've found in studying successful people is that they pull inspiration, information, and motivation from varied, unique places. If everyone you listen to, watch, read, and learn from is very similar to you, don't expect to grow very much. If you're trying to build a stand out brand as an entrepreneur, blogger, etc, you'll set yourself apart from everyone in your circle if you gather new ideas and fresh perspectives from outside your genre.


Here are my personal favorites and why. I hope you'll give all of them a listen/watch/read!

  1. Michael Hyatt, specifically his new podcast on leadership. You, my frand, are a leader. If you weren't you wouldn't be attracted to my motivational content. You lead your family, your downline, your employees, your accountability group. I also recommend all of his books!
  2. Angie Lee, because her podcast, Rich B*tch, challenges my beliefs about money, she is funny, and I also learn a lot about supplements and health from her as well. If you're not an entrepreneur you may not love all the episodes. I don't know if she eats real food or if it's mostly green juice and apple cidar vinegar but I'm down for it and love watching her Insta stories.
  3. Keltie Knight on Instagram. She is in the thick of Hollywood, but is so honest, humble, funny and inspiring. I hope to have her on the show soon to pick her brain because she started out as a dancer and reinvented herself as a red carpet correspondent and now she is reinventing again with her Lady Gang podcast and business.
  4. Amy Porterfield, in my opinion, is the #1 best person to follow online if you're building an online business right now. Period. Plus her voice is so calming she could narrate a meditation app. If you're trying to market yourself and your products online, listen to her podcast every day!
  5. Gary Vee, specifically his meetings with artists and entrepreneurs where he brainstorms with them. These conversations are usually tucked into DailyVee episodes, or they're in AskGaryVee broadcasts. I don't watch all of his stuff anymore because woah. It's a lot! But I do like to hear him problem solve in real time for people - worth digging through YouTube to find! If you're an entrepreneur or aspiring, I recommend all of his books too, especially the brand new one, Crushing It!

Honorable Mention:

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Boss Up Podcast (entrepreneurship)
Business Women Losing Weight Podcast (health)

On Instagram:

Candace Cameron Bure  (just a fun, down to earth celebrity to follow)
DeVon Franklin (quotes and sermon clips, so good!)
Steven Furtick (sermons, powerful one-liners)
Laura McKowen (sobriety)
Rachel Hollis (inspiring mompreneur and stylish blogger, author)
The Home Edit (gorgeous home organization and hilarious InstaStories)
KevOnStage (comedy)
John Crist (comedy)
Sara Blakely (hilarious, down to earth founder of Spanx)
Delta Girl Frames (gorgeous frames and funny InstaStories!)

So, who are your faves? I'd love to add to this list!

None of the influencers above paid for placement.
Disclaimer: Ya'll know the drill: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” That means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. That's why I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to your life! I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255
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