Why I’m Ditching My Blog

Hey blog. It's not me, it's you.

Here's the thing. The more I learn from amazing successful people, the more I value focus. Having a personal corner of the web will always be vital, but unless you are truly a blogger and writer, a blog is no longer the end-all be-all. I polled a few different groups and no one even goes to their favorite bloggers' sites anymore. They subscribe to what they really want via email, and the rest they click to from social media.

I also realize that giant thriving personal brands, the platforms of true influencers, those that change the world, disrupt industries, grace magazine covers, get interviewed and amass millions of followers, those platforms cannot be built anymore. I heard you gasp. Stick with me. Those personal brands are actually built by having built something else. Influencers build multiple New York Times Bestsellers. They build a 20-year speaking career. They build multi-million-dollar businesses. That's why my focus is on building the Pursuit. If I make Pursuit Media all I envision it to be, it will be a world changer, and I will actually be an influencer. I cannot produce massive amounts of content for the show and the site and iTunes, and really meaty weekly emails, and great social media tidbits, and guest post everywhere and keep up with a blog schedule here on my site. But my writing is not going away, it's just moving.

Moving forward, you'll find my best work (which is usually born as an email to my Insiders) in a quick pep talk video, in a podcast episode on iTunes, as a post on Medium, or guest posted on other sites.

What do you think, am I crazy? Well, tell me so, but don't leave a comment here, tell me on twitter!

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