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Hello there! Sorry it's been so long since I have posted but I am sending my book to my editor TODAY! TODAY GUYS! So, needless to say I've been a bit busy. I wanted to take a second and highlight our first Woman in Biz, and I figured it's only right for the first shout out to go to my Accountability Partner Mrs. Abbie Unger!


Abbie owns Flight Attendant Career Connection, which is a service that helps aspiring flight attendants with services such as resume writing, coaching, and a private Facebook support group. She is also the mom of two awesome kids whom she stays home with. So all of those services I just mentioned? Yeah, she does those while wrangling two tiny humans, laundry, dishes, meals etc! Can you say #wonderwoman?!




Here are 3 things you can learn from Abbie:

1 - Focus on What You Know & Love
Abbie was a flight attendant for years, and was even promoted to Instructor. She LOVED it. She knows the industry well and has a sincere passion for it. Knowledge makes it easy to write post after post, idea after idea. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas for your business, consider that a red flag - have you gotten too far out of your sweet spot? Beyond knowledge, it takes real passion to write a book, coach, manage a facebook group, etc. Some days she faces haters and discouragement. Some days it is hard, as all solo businesses can be. But since she loves what she does, and has a heart for those she helps, she can keep on keeping on.

2 - Go Small or Go Home
By small I mean a small niche. Abbie does not do resume rewrites for anyone and everyone needing resume help. She also doesn't do interview coaching for everyone. Could she? Of course! She's done so many rewrites and interview coaching sessions by now that she could definitely transfer that knowledge into other industries. But she is focused on what she knows and loves (see #1) and since she is so laser focused, it is easy for her tribe to find her and easy for her to find people who are right for her tribe. 

3 - Think Outside the Box
There are people out there - a lot of people - who want to buy a book about becoming a flight attendant. There are also a lot of people who buy resume rewrites and purchase workbooks for how to do well in an interview. Abbie is a master of multiple revenue streams, all of which add serious value to her tribe. One of the most impressive parts of her platform is her private facebook group with OVER 6000 members! Which she grew in less than a year! The members of her group listen to her advice, follow her lead, and encourage each other as well. As the group grows she has more and more people she can reach with her messages and products. Doesn't get much smarter than that. (Don't be surprised when I launch my private facebook group soon. Seriously.) In my book I discuss this topic and if you're an email subscriber you even got some free worksheets about it last week (sign up below this post) - Where can you add products and services, that line up with your passion, to help your business grow?

I am so encouraged in my weekly meetings with Abbie. She has great ideas for me and she has some serious love for her tribe. THAT is why she succeeds, ultimately. She has a strong WHY that keeps her killing the HOW and WHAT parts of her business. Show Abbie some love on Facebook or Twitter.

Nominate any awesome Woman Solopreneurs you know in the comments!

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