The Kelsey Show Audio Podcast

Since 2015 I have been putting out video content every week (wow. go me!) but for the first couple years the audio version of my goods was a confusing mess. As of July 2018, you can get ALL the best bits - my celebrity interviews, quick pep talks, my comedy sketches, my music,  - just about anything else we can extract the audio from, all in one place. Cleaning, running, working, driving and ignoring your children with your headphones in just got a lot more fun!

It does take a significant amount of finagling and tweaking and coffee drinking to add an audio podcast to everything else myself and my tiny team have going on, sooo if you love getting content via podcast, FOR THE LOVE of me and my motivational videos, please leave a review on iTunes!

Want to try and find something you listened to while vacuuming? Search names or topics below!

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