I'm the perfect deadpan millennial mom, hilariously quirky best friend, or witty live host for your project. I'm open to producing branded content, producing regular segments, spokesperson opportunities, media appearances, etc. .See my reel, resume and more. 

Event Organizers:

Need someone motivational and entertaining for your crowd? I would LOVE to keynote or emcee at your event. See my topics, read testimonials, and more

Podcasters, YouTubers, Summit Organizers, Radio Hosts:

If what I'm putting down fits what you're picking up, I'd love to collaborate with you or be a guest on your show/channel! Please email me with as many details about your project as possible asap, I'm usually game but my schedule fills up fast!


We feature FOUNDERS/AUTHORS/PERSONALITIES and their PERSONAL STORIES. We can incorporate whatever they're promoting into the interview, but we do not create videos and articles about businesses, apps, news stories, etc. Humans only! The Pursuit is an in-person video show, we do not do Skype or phone interviews at this time.

Please include your client's story, business, website and social media links, recent press coverage and the city in which they live, in your email.

You can usually get a speedy reply from me on Twitter or Facebook too!