Hi Pinterest Friends!

If you like my organizational printable pins and you are trying to start your own business, amp up your blog, or maybe you long to take your hobby to your full time job, I encourage you to SIGN UP HERE for FREE tools that will change your life! Start living your dreams now, girlfriend! (or boyfriend, but this is a Pinterest-driven page, so I'm taking the leap ;)

My previous blog, Posts & Pixels, is no longer available. I no longer have time to do as many crafts and home decor projects, and to be honest, that whole blog fell into the "I'm going to post stuff that I'm proud of and say it's to inspire others but really I just want people to comment how cute it is" category that so many crafty blogs fall into (in my opion). I felt convicted that I wasn't really uplifting the Lord or encouraging others like I am now, which was my goal when I started. Thanks for searching for it though and if you would like info on a specific pinterest pin feel free to email me.

Free Printables

Quiet Time Printable
Week At a Glance Printable
Home Decor List Printable
Blank Labels PDF