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I host and emcee events, as well as moderate panels and conduct fireside chat interviews. I also speak about success, entrepreneurship, courage, sobriety, dream chasing - both the gritty and the glorious sides! - and a lot more. To have me tailor a custom talk for your audience please email booking@kelseyhumphreys.com


We were more than delighted with her dynamic speaking and expertise in Branding and Marketing for our group of progressive Snow and Ice Management Industry Leaders this week.

Kelsey, you have made a positive impact in Erie, PA and the others that were in the room. Thank you again!

- Kelley Gebler, Event Organizer


Ignite is a TEDx style event where the evening features a theme, multiple speakers, and each speaker only gets 5 minutes. The theme was TASTE and I covered How to Find Your Secret Ingredient Check out what the event organizers had to say:

"Kelsey was recently featured as a speaker at IgniteOKC 7. Her talk, "Finding Your Secret Ingredient" was selected by the event planning committee to be the final talk of the night because of its unique incorporation of the event theme of "Taste". Having Kelsey's talk be the closing presentation was certainly the right choice to close the event with a strong, charismatic speaker. Her insights revealed a deeper understanding of the importance human relationships than was possible to fit within the 5-minute time limit. Kelsey's ability to bring together seemingly disparate elements in order to encourage and empower the audience to be aware of their individual potential was a powerful way to inspire everyone."

- Michael To, Organizer

Plus a great reaction from twitter:

@eyarbrough: Find the ingredients you're passionate about & turn that into your career. Great inspiration tonight from @KelseyHumphreys at @IgniteOKC!

@BennyJacobs: @KelseyHumphreys fav of the night @IgniteOKC! Enjoyed it!

@TheRedChecker: .@IgniteOKC loved this talk!! @KelseyHumphreys


I addressed How to Know if You've Chosen the Right Passion at the Launch Out Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2014, Keynoted and Emceed the event in 2015 and have been asked back to Keynote and Emcee again in 2016! Check out what people had to say:

"Your presentation was one of the highlights of my weekend."

@FitMomma: "@KelseyHumphreys #mindequalsblown You've chosen the wrong peak if you're not enjoying the climb. Knocked it out of the park! #launchout"

@lovelifemaryann: "@KelseyHumphreys must have done something right. Great job!!http://pic.twitter.com/SuhsqgehJw

"You were a joy to watch"

‏@JaneATuttle: "#launchout @kelseyhumphreys When this book comes put, buy it!http://pic.twitter.com/7V1xTN6kbN"

"I was blown away by your talk... I took pages and pages of notes during your presentation and I’m looking forward to watching the video soon, so I can fill in some more details."

‏@CuriouserEdit: "@KelseyHumphreys you can't wander to greatness. Incredible speech!"

@RickTheule:'"You were made for more than wandering." Great words at @321launchout from @KelseyHumphreys. Thnx for being awesome! #launchout'

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