Entrepreneur and creator of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David

How to Figure Out What You Want and How to Get It Using Entrepreneurial Math

If you enjoy tactical videos, entrepreneurial interviews, and business inspiration, you probably already know (and love) Patrick Bet-David, the man behind the popular youtube channel Valuetainment. He is also a multi-millioniare entrepreneur and really has a heart to help small business owners through the daily grind that is pursuing a dream. I loved how he breaks down complex questions into simple mathematical formulas - so we can solve the problem and start taking action! 

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • 2:20 Patrick shares his story from the beginning
  • 8:34 Tips for staying present while “chasing the carrot”
  • 17:10 When to know you’re ready to go into business
  • 26:10 How to grow your YouTube channel

Learn more about Patrick Bet-David at patrickbetdavid.com

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Why did you choose to have Patrick as a guest?
I'd seen his content online for a while but didn't realize he was just down the street in Dallas - once I figured that out I sent the pitch!

How’d you get the interview?
He is a fellow Entrepreneur Network contributor so our editor hooked us up!

Where was the interview?
At PHP Agency, Inc. offices in Dallas

What was he like in person?
Like THE NICEST you guys. The nicest. Passionate and really cares.

Did anything go wrong?
As I mention in the episode, these big guys with their own vlogs like to have their own audio hooked up as well as ours, which has been causing a buzz sound. It's almost impossible to get a mechanical buzz like that out, so that was a real bummer. Lesson learned, the next time they ask if they can keep their mics on, I'll say no!


Mentioned in the Episode:

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