Athena Perrakis

How to Build A Coaching Empire

If you want to learn how a purple-haired spiritual teacher went from a corporate leadership training career to launching one of the biggest and best metaphysical online stores in the world - look no further! Dr. Athena Perrakis teaches us a lot about starting a side hustle, scaling it, and authentically leading a growing business. 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to get into corporate leadership (2:18)
  • Advice for going from an Etsy hobby to the largest store in your industry (6:50)
  • Why saying “I want to have a business and make money” isn’t good enough to reach succes (13:44)
  • Advice for getting started with a daily spiritual practice (16:20)

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Learn more about Athena and check out her impressive store at sagegoddess.com

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Athena is generously giving away  her Sage Goddess Signature candle and perfume, focusing on the prevailing possibility of rebirth. The gold and purple hues correspond to peacock energy, which symbolizes wholeness, resurrection, and rising out of the ashes. Stunning to behold and powerful to work with, each of these is made with love right here in the shop at SG. The scent is difficult to describe – ethereal, rich, seductive. It makes you stand taller, and yet it’s so deeply feminine that you will slip into your most enchanted velvet clothing and jewels and be the queen.


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Why did you choose to have Athena as a guest?
Sure, I was a little hesitant because I am a Christian and not very "woo-woo" but I am all for learning from others' success, no matter how our beliefs or strategies may differ.

How’d you get the interview?
I know her publicist so they reached out to me! Score!

Where was the interview?
At her office and store in Torrence, CA

What was she like in person?
So great! I loved chatting with her and she made all the metaphysical stuff much less intimidating!

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